A Beginners Guide To Optimising Your SEO On Page Content In 2020.

Important Tips To Add To Your SEO On Page Checklist

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As it stands, 51% of website traffic comes from organic search results. As we head into 2020, that figure is on the rise. With that in mind, the importance of SEO for any business whether it be a Local SEO strategy or global domination is huge if you don’t want to be left behind or playing catch up. A detailed and thorough SEO campaign can provide huge ROI and although it can take a long time for your business to start appearing on the top of search engines, sometimes 6-12 months, if done correctly, it can get you results that will last for years. In this article, we will break down key areas that newcomers to SEO can focus on to stay ahead of the curve in 2021. There are so many moving parts to an SEO campaign and it is important to get your strategy right from the start, high-quality SEO on page content is a must! Check out our number 1 ranking page for Seo Newcaslte.

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    4 Top Tips For Optimising SEO On Page Content

    Mobile Devices

    Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. In the second quarter of 2019, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 48.91 percent of global website traffic. So, when getting started with SEO, mobile optimisation is critical and we suggest testing your website on mobile devices for not only appearance but most importantly loading speed. A consumer searching online through their mobile wants fast results so a delay in loading speed could lead to a bounced website visitor which will harm SEO rankings.

    Ensure your on-page content provides the answer to what your audience may be looking for when searching for your keyword within the first paragraph of the page. This not only provides the user with what they are looking for promptly which gives you a higher chance of them converting or returning, but will also increase your potential of achieving a ‘Google Featured Snippet’.

    Voice Search

    Voice search is going to be huge and one of the biggest trends to change Seo in 2020. It may seem a daunting aspect if you’re just starting out on your Seo journey but it is essential to get your head around how it works and the importance it is going to have moving forward. A keyword for voice search will be different from a keyword search from desktop, they tend to be more question based, conversational and long-tail keyword focused. The more you think as a consumer, the higher the chances of answering their questions in the most relevant way. For more details on voice search, read our 2020 Guide To The Voice Search Revolution.

    Content Creation

    Use your content to offer the reader value. Detailed, interactive and informative content is always high on our SEO on page checklist. Any successful SEO campaign will always have the consumer and human element as a focal point when optimising the on-page content. Once your keywords are selected, don’t just stuff them in as many H tags as possible to the point where it doesn’t make sense. Pick the right keywords which allow you to create content that your readers will find relevant, engaging and valuable.

    You may have to be creative with this. For example, in one of our latest campaigns, our research showed that ‘seo valencia’ had a higher monthly search volume and easier such difficulty than the term ‘seo in valencia’. Obviously, ‘seo in valenica’ is more grammatically correct and will read a lot more naturally for a consumer so we had to think outside of the box to implement ‘seo valencia’ in our on-page content. You can see how we did so on our seo valenica: the ultimate guide for 2020 page.

    Analyse Your Traffic

    You may not be sure where to start, what page should you rank? What keywords is your audience searching for? The truth is, you may already have the answer of where to focus should be in your hands. Analyse your website and discover what your best performing page is and what your most popular posts are. What do they have in common? Are they based around the same topic? High-quality content? Is the word count above a certain amount or have you used videos and informative imagery? The trick is to find out what is already popular within your target market and update the pages so they follow the best practices of on-site optimisation.


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    Summarising SEO On Page Content

    SEO on page content is just the beginning to an SEO strategy but it is essential for laying the foundations for success. Have a clear end goal in place and make sure your research and analysis is thorough from the start. There are no corners to cut. Create yourself a detailed SEO on page checklist that you can use as a blue print for optimising your pages. Hard work and high-quality content are the recipe and one step at a time can help you improve your site’s optimisation for SEO. Use 2020 for boosting your skills and trying out new ideas to get your website on the first page on Google.


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