4 Speedy Steps To Gain Juicy Backlinks For SEO.

What Are Backlinks For SEO?

So, what are backlinks for SEO? A ‘backlink’ is one of the most used terms in any SEO strategy and that is due to their importance to your search engine rankings. A backlink is when one website links to another website in confidence. Google will give higher rankings to websites that have a good number of quality and organic backlinks as this shows the popularity and trust of a site.

The higher the DR (domain ranking) of the site that is linking to you, the better it is for your ranking. However, in modern-day SEO, all backlinks must be relevant and contextual to your product or service. For example, we are currently aiming to rank our SEO Valencia page and if we were to create links from sites with other niches that are completely random, let’s say… fish, they would be of no use. The main aim is to attain links from authoritative and relevant sites. For more information on backlinks, have a read of our Breaking Down Backlinks article. Below I will explain 4 quick methods that anyone can do to try and gain a juicy backlink and skyrocket your rankings.

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    4 Free Tips To Boost Your SEO Rankings

    1.Competitor Research

    I always like to start with the top ten competitor research. If a website is currently ranking on the first page of Google then they are there for a reason. What keyword term are you trying to rank for? If it was for people in Spain searching for the keyword ‘seo valencia’, my first step would be to use software to discover the current top ten websites that are already ranking, analyse why? And then strategise a plan to crush them. Use software to research your competitors backlink profiles, filter them so you can only view the ‘dofollow’ backlinks and then attack them, whatever backlink they have, no matter how many. How have they got it? and how do you get it?

    Don’t get me wrong, it is a long-winded process and takes a lot of hard work, but by doing this for each competitor, you will guarantee yourself the best backlink profile for your keyword. Have a read of our Chrisp Design Case Study for seo valencia and see some of our expert competitor research in action.


    A directory is a backlink that is already waiting to be built. They are a place for you to submit your website to and in turn, provide a backlink to the URL that you list. Research directories and start with the ones that have the highest DR, places like Yell and Yelp for example. You must make sure that the information (ie. address and contact info) that you submit is consistent with that on your website and with other directories that you have used. They are a great way to build trust with both your consumer and search engines and the more directories you are on will help boost your SEO rankings. When creating backlinks, ensure you are linking to the URL of the page that you are ranking and not your homepage. See backlink examples on our case study by clicking the button below. seo valencia case study


    Forums may not get as much love and attention these days, but they remain a very valuable marketing tool. Especially when it comes to building backlinks. A large number of online forums still allow do-follow links, making them prime territory for scoring valuable authoritative backlinks. The trick lies in knowing where to find do-follow forums and learning how to use them for maximum impact.

    This process takes time and there is a lot of ‘red tape’ involved. Take the time to research forums that are relevant to your brand, sign up and then add value. If you just start spamming a forum as soon as your account has been verified then you will simply be banned immediately by administrators and will ruin your chance of a high-quality backlink. Find topics that you can add advice and value to, and then link through to your website.

    4.EDU Backlinks

    EDU backlinks refer to links obtained on website domains with EDU extension, most commonly from universities and colleges. These ‘.edu’ domains are often valuable sites to have to link to you because they can carry a lot of authority and sometimes positively influence search engine results. Knowing how to get Edu backlinks is vital because these links can be trusted. This, in turn, makes people trust your site more as the same is conceived of your organisation.

    EDU backlinks are like gold dust and do not come easily but there are certain aspects you can focus on to help better your chances of receiving one. You can use tools to trawl relevant edu blogs, analyse them and see if the links that they have used are still up to date and live. If not, contact them to let them know and maybe even suggest replacing the old link with one to your website!


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    Backlinks For SEO Keeping You Ahead Of The Curve

    With an expert SEO campaign you could be receiving daily quality backlinks for SEO which will help skyrocket your Google rankings. There are some great tips and tricks out there to gain high-quality backlinks but the main tip from us at Chrisp Design is hard work, consistency and dedication. You have to bear in mind that your competitors can up their SEO strategy at any point and it is imperative that you stay ahead of the chasing pack.


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