How To Rank In Multiple Locations: Seo Valencia

The ultimate guide to ranking your business in Valencia!

So… You are wanting to outrank your competition in Valencia! Below we will show you all the top ranking factors that Google use so you can crush your local competition through an seo valencia strategy. By structuring your website correctly and running a strategic Seo campaign you can create a full-time marketing machine churning out new sales. What better way to show you what you can expect from our team than to take you on the journey with us by ranking ‘Chrisp Design’ in Valencia! Seo is such a powerful tool when done right, and right isn’t fast, so we make it a priority to lay clear expectations when analysing budgets and timescales of results. Over the past decade, we have stripped our blueprint down to 4 Key topic areas that need to be your main focus for ranking your business locally.

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    On-Page Content

    Off-Site Content

    Google Snack Pack

    The first step in ranking for customer searches in Valencia is to understand Local Seo. Local SEO is the process of gearing your business website to rank in Google’s search results when people are searching for your products in your local area. The First Step is to rank your business in the Snack Pack on Google. As it is such a vital part of the local ranking strategy we decided to write a super in-depth article here on Local SEO. Please use both these pages in your campaign when looking to rank your website in Valencia. Next is a super vital process of researching and choosing the best keywords for you!

    Keyword Research: 'Seo Valencia'?

    Now we will take you through our ‘Keyword Research’ and explain how and why we select our final keyword terms to target. It’s all about Niche, ranking for lower competition keywords with the most volume of searches in total! We analyse our market and discover exactly what our target audience is searching for, this is determined by monthly search volumes and the SEO difficulty rating. We select our niche and choose to rank for the most effective keyword term. You’ll need to use a keyword software tool such as SEM Rush, Ahrefs, etc but these 2 do cost a lot of money monthly. So unless you are an agency like ourselves you can us Ubersuggest which is a great free tool.

    Primary Keywords

    Primary keywords are those keywords that define the nature of your business/products but this could be a variety of terms so how can you select the perfect keywords for your business and niche? Below you will see images off the most popular keyword terms surrounding ‘seo valencia‘. One thing to note is that ‘seo valencia‘ itself has a high search volume of 390 per month but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best keyword for us to target, this is down to it’s SEO difficulty rating being 36 out of 100. Whereas, our research shows that ‘agencia seo valencia‘ has a higher search volume of 480 and an easier seo difficulty rating of 29.

    Usually, we would consider avoiding the ‘seo valencia‘ keyword, however as the majority of searches in Valencia are looking for seo agencies in the Spanish language, our job of ranking an English language page in the SERP results is that much harder (thus why we will still include it in our Primary Keywords as we can easily include that keyword in our on page content!). For our Spanish version of this page, the ranking results will be far easier. But for this page, we are targeting English speaking clients located in Valencia. So you/we need to consider other keywords such as ‘consultor seo valencia‘, as even though it has 70 less monthly searches, we feel it will be a more effective keyword for us to target due to it’s difficulty rating only being 26.

    Here is a compelling comparison example of why SEO difficulty rating is extremely important and we need to focus on keyword terms that have high search volume and low difficulty. The two keyword terms ‘posicionamiento seo en valencia‘ and ‘posicionamiento seo valencia‘both have the same search volume of 210 per month but the difference being that ‘posicionamiento seo en valencia‘ has a difficulty rating of 25 with ‘posicionamiento seo valencia‘ being 20. Similar keywords yes, but it is going to be easier to rank the latter.

    So we have decided our 3 primary keyword terms, ‘seo valencia‘ as this is could also be an intended search for English speaking consumers, ‘consultor seo valencia‘ and ‘agencia seo valencia‘ because of their high volume of searches but lower difficulty rating.

    seo valencia keyword research

    Secondary Keywords

    You can also decide to select three secondary keyword terms. The secondary keyword aims to play the supporting role to your selected primary keywords. If you target only primary keywords that have high search volume, it may take time to get a good ranking in search results. What we are looking for here are terms with low ranking difficulty and still a relatively juicy search volume. For example, our research shows that the term ‘valencia seo‘ only has a search volume of 30 and a difficulty rating of 28. We can also see that ‘agencia seo en valencia‘ has more than double the search volume of ‘valencia seo‘ and a much easier difficulty score of 21.

    case study showing seo valencia keyword research
    Killer Statistics >

    "56% of companies plan to increase their marketing budget this year! Don't be left behind"

    – Google Stats

    On Page Content

    Now that the keywords have been selected, it is time to start organising the on-page content. We decided to dedicate and optimise this page specifically to rank in Valencia. You always want your pages to offer value to the reader, offering content that will be unique, using visual as well as text cues like images and videos.

    How and why content is important.

    The more we can offer to the reader then the more time consumers will spend on our page. We want to avoid a high bounce rate and the best way to do that is to give the reader what they are looking for! We have an extremely in-depth checklist that we follow to ensure our page is optimised in all areas. We won’t be able to take you through the whole list but below, we will explain the key points.

    3.1 Essential Steps: Primary and Secondary Keywords

    Normally, we recommend that primary keywords should be included in at least one H1 tag and one H2 tag. This is because it makes it easier for web crawlers to determine the relevance of your web page. This is going to be challenging for us as in our situation, we have an English language web page that we are trying to rank in Valencia with Spanish keywords. So as you could imagine, we want to avoid confusing Google but we would also want to avoid confusing the reader if we had an H1 tag of ‘agencia seo valencia’ and the information about the header in English. More often than not, a confused reader is a bounced reader! However by using ourselves in this case study we can include the keywords…. sometimes you have to get creative! In order to perform Seo on your website, you will need some coding knowledge and below we will show you how we would structure our ‘H’ tags. Our primary keywords have to be included at least 3 times within the copy on the page and our secondary keywords at least once. Again, this could prove problematic for us with the different languages but we are confident that by providing value and giving relevant examples that we will be able to fruitfully target English speaking consumers looking for help in Valencia.

    3.2 Images: and their alt tags!

    Your images are important, not only aesthetically for your readers but for SEO purposes too. We want to offer imagery that isn’t just pleasing on the eye but can explain the main points that we are discussing. They are scroll stoppers we don’t want consumers to just scroll from the top of the page to the bottom, we want them to gain information from everywhere possible and that includes the images. We always websafe save images in photoshop to make sure every image is sized perfectly to allow a rapid loading speed. Our images also include detailed Alt tags that aren’t just stuffed with our keywords but actually explain the image clearly for google robots to recognize when crawling our page.

    3.2 Yoast: Seo Power Plugin

    We also recommend having the Yoast SEO plugin installed. We use this also with our SEO clients as it is a good guide to follow to ensure we are reaching the highest SEO standards possible. By analysing your content and rating it from Red (needing improvement), Amber (not quite there) and Green (perfect). But, following this isn’t the be-all and end-all of optimising our on-page content, it’s just another effective addition. The most obvious help from the plugin shows up while you’re writing new posts. Yoast SEO continuously monitors your work and suggests improvements. For example, the plugin will let you know if you used a keyword correctly or not. It will count words for you and suggest writing better headlines. As we say, we use this plugin as mainly a reference but we always try to achieve a green rating on all factors where possible.

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    Your Customers Are Here

    With an SEO campaign in Valencia, you can collect the low lying fruit by being the number one company that consumers find when they search for the products you sell in Valencia.

    Off Site Content

    Now that our page packs a punch it is time to build our off site profile. We start with our backlink campaign that will run in tandem with our top 10 competitor research. These are both ongoing processes that when started will need to be updated regularly.

    4.1 Backlink Profile

    Backlink profiles are an essential part of SEO as search engines; especially Google, will give higher rankings to websites that have a good number of quality and organic backlinks. To read a more in-depth article on backlinking see our blog post by clicking here. We are seeking high quality ‘do follow’ backlinks to our targeted page from other websites that have high authority domains. The more backlinks we get, the more ‘juice’ Google will send our website.

    As you can see below, here is an example of a DA 27 (Domain Authority) backlink that we have attained for our SSL blog article. Ideally, the anchor text for the link will be one of our chosen keywords and then link through to the specific URL or the page your building. To find research your pages backlinks, again you will need to pay for software such as Ahrefs.

    seo valencia competitor research

    4.2 Competitor Research: posicionamiento seo en valencia

    We aim for the top from the first day. For every keyword we are targeting, we research who are the current competitors ranking in the top ten on Google and better their page in every way possible. To the left, you will see the current top ten rankings for the keyword term ‘posicionamiento seo en valencia’. First, we start by researching all of their on-page content. What’s their word count? Do they have videos? Do they have more ‘calls to action’? How many images do they use? etc. The website in the top ten that has the largest wordcount (out of the 10) at 1200 words on their page then we want 2000 words, if they have 5 relevant images with alt tags we want to add more to our page. We want this page to be the best for every metric and rank on Google accordingly. We find the top result for each of the metrics in the top 10 and smash it out the water. Our software allows us to research our competitor’s backlink profile as well. Referring domains is what we are after, this is where another website has linked through to our page in confidence. As you can see from the image above, there are 100’s of referring domains spread out across the top ten, if our competitors have them, why can’t we? Now, not all of these will be ‘do follow’ links and not all of these will be attainable but even if we get 50% of them then we will already have a larger backlink profile than each one of the top ten rankings. This is a daily process that takes time but then again if our competitors have added to their on-site content and backlink profile overnight, then we will add to ours!

    keyword research for seo valencia

    4.3 Timescale: Can Google Search Console help?

    Off-Site backlinking does not appear overnight, you have to wait for google to recognise and relate. Local SEO can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to start seeing the results that you deserve and this is the very start of the process. However, we do recommend when you make a change to a website page that you ask google to crawl the webpage again. You can do this by registering on Google Search Console and adding the URL to it’s inspection section.

    seo valencia google search console

    That was quick

    #1 for 'seo valencia'

    So there we have it, on April the 26th 2020, we are now organically ranking in position 1 on Google for anyone searching for ‘seo valencia’ on an English device. This was our aim, to be number 1 for any English speaking business who are looking for an expert SEO agency in Valencia. We have had our new website live now for around 2 months and with high-quality and valuable content, competitor analysis and a thorough backlink campaign, our website now ranks number 1 and will guarantee us at least 33% of all traffic for the search term ‘seo valencia’.

    seo valencia

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