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Beautifully crafted logo design.

Importance of logo design?

Look around, logos are everywhere! They influence our decisions, communicate and represent a company’s values. But what is logo design and why does it matter? A logo is the face of your business. It needs to portray your company perfectly to suit your target market and be an image you can stand behind! Ready to get started? Leave your email below and we will be intouch.

What is a logo?

A logo is simply a symbol or icon designed of text and images which will identify businesses or brands. They can be designed in 2d or 3d, in a variety of colours and font types, commonly with the website or strap line attached. Usually a good logo can represent what that company does and its core values. Logo design fo us is about developing that perfect visual brand mark for our clients.

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    A logos purpose.

    The main role is to Identify. Identification is what really matters, thats it! Trends come and go, design tools and techniques evolve, what we perceive a logo to be may even change with time, but the single most important goal of a logo is – to identify the person, product, business or service you’re designing it for!

    This means before working on any ideas we always try to fully understand the environment in which the logo will be seen.

    • How can we differentiate the logo so the business stands out?
    • What is the competition?
    • What colours are used by established competition?

    Logo design is a strategic tool

    Our role at Chrisp Design is not only to design something the client likes, but also design a logo that will allow a company to be identified by consumers. When you picture a business, you often picture their logo, from the golden arches of McDonald’s, or the apple with the bite out of it representing a very popular technology brand. A well-designed logo is memorable, it helps customers remember the brand/business/company. If we think a business looks too expensive, corporate, too fun we will avoid it. Likewise, if the logo looks like the type of company, products or service we’re looking for and wish to be associated with, we will actively engage with the company and buy its products and services.

    This is why it’s essential the logo correctly represents the business, as you want to attract the right audience.

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    "Logo design is not what you see. But what you make others perceive."

    — Edgar Degas, Artist.


    Logo Package

    • 1 Initial Concept Included
    • 1 Revision
    • 1 .ai or .psd file
    • 1 Mockup
    • 49/hr Additional Revisions

    Logo Package

    • 3 Initial Concepts Included
    • 2 Revisions
    • 1 .ai or .psd file
    • 1 .png File
    • 1 Mockup
    • 49/hr Additional Revisions

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