What are the Top Tips in Design for 2021?

4 Top Tips for Website Design in 2021

Did you know that 94% of the first impressions on your business relate to your website design? Well, it does. Visitors will judge your site based on the design’s quality. Now let’s have a look at the top tips for website design in 2021 to give you the ideal website.

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    Here We Go:

    1. Make Speed a Priority

    Speed is important and influences the bounce rate, revenue, as well as conversions. Visitors will not stick around if your site is slow. Research shows that 1 in 4 visitors leave a site that takes over 4 seconds to load. Search engines also use your page load speed in their rankings. For that reason, you should make sure your site is fast.

    2. Get Rid of Distractions

    Some elements in your website detract from the message you want to convey. Long content, complicated animations, as well as stock images, are some distractions to avoid. Keep in mind that users will only stay on a site for eight seconds before leaving. So, you need to make it clear what your users will learn. You should also avoid on-page animations.

    3. Keep it Simple

    Visitors don’t like visual complexity. If your site is complex, visitors will perceive it as being less beautiful. So what can you do to keep your site simple?

    • Rethink your sidebar – You should ditch the sidebar and opt for a single-column design. A single-column design puts focus on content as well as reduces distractions.
    • Stick to standard layouts – It’s a good idea for you to stick with layouts that users are familiar with.

    4. Use Social Proof

    When shopping on e-commerce sites like Amazon, chances are high that you will buy products with five-star reviews. The reviews give you the trust that the product will deliver as it promises. You’ll, therefore, go ahead and buy it. The same applies to your website. Research shows that 58% of people will buy your product if your site has a testimonial from real people.

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