Real Estate: SEO Vs Portals 2020

What Is Seo and why it's incredible for Real Estate Agents!

Seo is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics that you can deploy as it directly targets consumers that are actively looking for your products! Simple as that. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing both the quantity and quality of traffic driven to your website. By enhancing your website’s attractiveness to users of a search engine such as “Google, Yahoo & Bing”, said search engines will then rank your website higher resulting in a larger percentage of clicks from its users. The top listing websites in Google’s organic search results receive 33% of the traffic and 18% for the second position. If you’re not in top 2 places, you’re missing a whopping 51% of consumer traffic!

So, with a Seo campaign for Real Estate, agencies can rank their website at the top of Google rankings for different search terms and for multiple locations through the use of locations pages and blogs. For example, you may sell properties all over Spain which could include areas like Barcelona, Madrid, The Costa Blanca or Costa Del Sol. By having a separate blog or location pages dedicated to each area where you provide properties, you can place your website in position number 1 for any online user that may be searching for ‘property for sale in Barcelona’ or ‘villas for sale in the Costa Blanca’ etc. You can find more information on how to build the perfect location page here.

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    The Unfair World Of Portals

    Dated Marketing Techniques

    Portals have now become essentially their own search engine, just like Google. In my opinion, they have the majority of the Real Estate agencies in the palm of their hand, with a lot of companies listings and property sales dependent on them. Real Estate ‘marketing campaigns’ at the moment revolve around portals, a few social posts, a brochure and at a push, Google Ads. Let me tell you, brochures are dead and you can’t track any data to see if you are making any ROI. The mobile phone is the new brochure, a user can find a property that they are interested in with a click of the button and don’t have to waste time flicking through pages that aren’t relevant to their budget or desired location. Social posts are only seen by your current followers and are good for building brand trust but will not bring you any new sales or new audiences. Google Ads will get you to the top of a Google page and you will be listed in the ‘Ads’ section. Google Ads definitely has its place within a marketing strategy but you shouldn’t be solely reliant on traffic from this technique as it can start to get expensive. 

    If you have ever thought that Google Ads are too expensive but you still pay for portals then you have to realise that portals are now basically the same model as Google. Every agency can list their properties in a portal but whoever spends the most money, can pay to be first in the search results even if your website and property would be more appealing to the user making the search, is that fair? The portals don’t care about your business, you are just another number and as long as you pay your fee, you won’t hear from them and that includes when XML feeds or any other factors go wrong, their support systems are awful.

    Life Without Portals

    By having no Plan B and relying solely on portals then you are hugely at risk. If these portals start to up their prices then you will be forced to pay more as how else will people find your listings? Well, a portal’s biggest nightmare is a Real Estate website with good Seo. With a good SEO for Real Estate campaign, you can rank your website above the portals for keywords that are relevant to your business and the most likely to convert traffic into sales. These portals are showing your product to consumers and charging you for it whereas if you were ranked above them in Google, the client would be contacting you directly through your website, no more fees to the portals and 100% commissions for you. 

    Are You Neglecting Your Own Site?

    The problem is, for every property you are listing in portals, you are potentially harming the success of ranking your own website in Google. This is because Google penalises websites that have duplicate content. So guess what? Every time you’re listing a new property with a portal, they aren’t only receiving a fee (which isn’t cheap) from you, your listing the same content as everyone else and are also strengthening their SEO rankings and pushing them closer to the top with your own website falling down the pecking order. This is how portals have created a market where they go from strength to strength but agencies are left dependent on them and sharing properties and commission with other agents. This doesn’t need to happen and shouldn’t be the norm.

    You Deserve To Be Number 1

    There are hundreds of thousands of searches for property available per month and by having your website ranked at the top of Google for the searches best suited for your business then you will receive the traffic and leads that you deserve directly. Which means more exclusivity, more commission and no more sharing. You are the agent grafting away, showing properties, chasing clients, listing properties, going to the notary closing deals. So, why should you be paying a portal for the pleasure when you can have your own website in the bright lights of number 1 on Google. This won’t only provide you with more traffic and sales but will build your brand too. Buyers should know that they are dealing with your business not the name of the portals.

    Your Next Steps

    Lead, Don't Follow

    The one good thing about the Real Estate world’s current marketing techniques being dated, and that is that there is a gap in the market for agencies that are ready to pull the trigger first. SEO for Real Estate isn’t as competitive now as it will be over the next few years so getting your site to the top of page 1 now will be quicker and cheaper than it will be in years to come. It’s all about being ahead of the curve and spotting trends. The Real Estate industry is slightly behind at the moment and you will struggle to find another sector that does not include SEO in their marketing budget, but one agent’s loss is another agent’s gain.

    An SEO for Real Estate campaign is bulletproof and will provide your agency with organic longevity that depends on no one else. You’ll no longer have to rely on fluctuating cost per click advertising or pricey portals. SEO ranks the best website at the top, so if you want to be recognised as the best Real Estate agency around, then SEO is the only option. Or if you want, you can keep pandering to the portals. 

    SEO For Real Estate with Chrisp Design

    Now there’s one thing we pride ourselves in at Chrisp Design and that is offering solutions, not problems. That is why we have now tailored a package just for the Real Estate Industry. Now, let’s be super clear, to really feel the effects of SEO you will expect a time frame of 6-12 months. We understand that some of you have been reliant on portals in the past so may not have an online presence at the moment. That’s why our packages don’t just include 1 ranking page along with 3 keywords, but will also allow a budget for paid advertising whether that be through Facebook Ads or Google Ads, which one will depend on your target audience. This will keep your brand at the fingertips of the consumer whilst we rank you number 1 organically through SEO.

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