Ultimate Keyword Research Guide 2020.

How Important Is Keyword Research For You?

Follow our free keyword research guide and make sure that you are ranking effectively! Keyword research is the market research of the 21st century and it is the most important part of any SEO strategy. It allows you to be able to get into the minds of your consumer. Through keyword research, you can get a better understanding of your target market and most importantly, how they are searching for your services, products or content. This form of research provides you with specific search data from selected demographics and will help you determine what people are searching for? how many people are searching for it? and what format do they want this information? You will then use this information to create and tailor your content to ensure it is relevant and easily searchable by your target audience.

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    Our Keyword Research Guide: The Importance

    The importance of keyword research is huge and vital to your campaign. It is not just about finding terms with the highest search volume, the keywords selected for your content must be in-line with your brand and what you are offering to the consumer. This is where your in-depth research will come into fruition. Once you have performed adequate and thorough research, only then will you be able to craft a viable SEO strategy. With a good strategy, you can then create a detailed plan of action to achieve your goals.

    For example, if you were an Seo company in Valencia and targeting people searching for you, you may choose a term like ‘seo in valencia’ to focus on. However, research will show that the search term ‘seo valencia’ has a higher search volume and easier to rank for. It may not seem like a big difference but by conducting the research and determining the most effective keyword terms before optimising your page, will result in more traffic to your site. Choosing a more relevant, higher volume keyword that is easier to rank for will always provide better results. To see some keyword research in action, read the Chrisp Design case study on our Seo Valencia Guide.

    It is best practice to use multiple types of keyword comparison software to conduct the best research, but this can get expensive. Neil Patel has created Ubersuggest which allows you to research keywords for free.

    Know Your Niche

    Before you figure out what your audience may be searching for and what keywords to research, you’ll need to know your topic or niche inside and out. Become the consumer and search through their eyes. This can give you out-of-the-box ideas and help discover angles to your marketing and SEO strategy that you may not have thought about before. You can also talk with your existing customers and discover what kind of keyword terms they were searching for online to find your business. Get involved in your topic or niche’s online communities, like forums and social media networks and see if there are any different terms they are discussing that are still relevant to your brand. This information will be vital and may allow you to target multiple keyword pools with low search volume and easy to rank for instead of one highly competitive and popular term with a larger monthly search volume.

    What Is Your End Goal

    Every business now knows that they have to have some form of SEO strategy in order to compete online but is essential for you and your team to understand why. Study your brand first and be aware of exactly what you are offering to the customer, then specify clearly what your mission is. We all want more traffic to our websites but each business will have varied reasons for this. Do you want more sales? More subscribers? Do you have a time limit for these goals? The answers to these questions will help guide the direction and budget for your campaign. The search terms that you will eventually use should be aligned to your goals, ideally segmented into different content marketing funnels. Your goals will also inform the purpose of your SEO copywriting and content.

    Long-Tail Keywords

    Long-tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling. Whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. An example of a longtail keyword for an seo company in valencia maybe something along the lines of ‘who is the best seo company in valencia?’. That compared to the already spoken about keyword term ‘seo valencia’ is a lot less vague and will have a lower search volume but due to the focus of the search term, it will more than likely have a higher conversion rate. Long-tail keywords will have a lot more importance to seo as we head into 2020 and that is down to the popularity of voice search. To read more about the impact voice search will have on seo in the future, read our 2020 guide to the voice search revolution.

    What Are Your Competitors Doing?

    Your research won’t revolve around just you and your consumers as that’s not nearly enough to compete, you need to be aware of what your competitors are doing too. Who is currently ranking on the first page of Google for similar search terms that you are intending to rank for? Have you missed a trick? Analyse their pages to determine what they are ranking for and conduct the same keyword research on those terms. Find out the search volume and search difficulty and then decide if it will be more beneficial than the keywords you are going to target and whether you want a piece of their pie too.


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    To Sum Up Our Keyword Research Guide

    Doing keyword research can be a tedious and time-consuming task. But more often than not it will pay off when executed correctly. SEO strategies will not line your pockets overnight but the fundamentals have to be done right from the beginning. We understand that a lot of businesses know the importance of SEO but simply do not have the time to conduct the perfect campaign. That is why our dedicated SEO team here at Chrisp Design can skyrocket your rankings whilst leaving you to do what you do best. We hope that our keyword research guide has left you in the best position possible now when you are selecting the perfect keywords fo you.


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