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Are you wanting to grow your business? Are you wanting to target larger cities and potentially bigger prospects? Well, potential customers in these cities need to be able to find you as well. Local SEO is a fantastic way to optimise your online presence within your local community but what happens when you aim to target your SEO campaigns at areas like Valencia and other large cities? Just because you are not based in these locations doesn’t mean that you should miss out. You may be exactly what they are looking for, so back your business and rank yourself in the areas best suited for your product. Keep reading to find out the best techniques for you to appear in the top searches for your keywords in the largest cities around the world my optimising your SEO city pages.

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    4 Steps To The Perfect SEO City Pages

    1.Dedicated City Pages

    Create pages within your website that are solely dedicated to informing the reader about your product in that area. For example, if you were targeting people who require SEO companies in Valencia, you should have a page on your website that only talks about SEO in Valencia and nothing else. Your page won’t rank overnight so be patient. Be sure to create content about your service that is geared towards your targeted city and link from this content through to your city page.

    2.Unique Content

    Avoid regurgitating information that is already on your website on to your city page. If you were ranking your SEO service in Valencia, make sure you don’t just repeat the same information that is on your SEO Services page on to your city page that is dedicated to SEO in Valencia. Ensure the content for each page on your site is unique and informative. Write original content for your targeted city and include what makes that area unique or different but most importantly, offer value to your customer. This won’t only make sure the Search Engines will like and rank your page better but, it also gives the consumer confidence that you know the area and can really address their needs. When creating your content, it is also important to not include information about other locations on your dedicated city page. Search Engines will split your rankings between each location that is mentioned.

    3.LSI Keywords

    As with any form of SEO, keyword research and analysis is imperative (To find out more on keyword research, see the keyword section on one of our previous blogs by clicking here). Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) relates to words that have a high correlation to your topic. LSI was designed to help searchers find what they’re looking for, not just what they searched for, Google’s algorithm uses them to help determine the content quality and relevance to the search term.

    There are some great tools to help you determine the best LSI keywords for you to use within your city page. I would highly recommend LSIgraph. To go back to the previous example, if you were trying to rank for SEO in Valencia, ‘seo in valencia’ may be one of your keywords. A quick bit of research would suggest that ‘seo companies in valencia’ should be an LSI keyword.

    Once you have decided on your LSI keywords, you are now ready to implement them throughout your on-page content for your city page. I suggest using these words as subheadings on your site when possible but, ensure your content always remains readable for the consumer. It is also recommended that you use one of your keywords as your page URL.

    4.Evaluate The Competition

    What works in one area may not work the same in a new city. By analysing your competition you can gain a better idea of what works and the techniques used to start ranking in that location. A quick search of your selected primary keyword will inform you of what competitors you have and where they are ranked. Compare your website content with theirs and better it, research and analysis their ranked page to discover what keywords and LSI keywords they are using, If it’s working for them, it will work for you. They are ranked on the first page for a reason so find out why and blow them out of the water.

    Summing Up SEO City Pages

    When you focus on creating a high quality, highly relevant pages of content, you dramatically increase your chances of reaching the top search results in Search Engines in whatever city you target through your selected SEO city pages. By following this Chrisp Design guide, ranking your website in different cities will become an integral part of your SEO strategy, it means there is no ceiling for where your products or services can be found. If this process is not expertly researched and implemented, your website could end up being penalised. Visit our SEO page now for more information and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and you can also see an example of a city page by clicking on SEO Durham.


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