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Top Tips to perfect your Facebook ad

People often have the opinion that Facebook advertising is the dinosaur of the Social Media advertising world but the truth is, that’s just because it has been around for a long time and a lot of businesses have not kept themselves updated with how innovative Facebook advertising is. It is arguably one of the most overlooked online advertising channels but has a huge part to play for any organisation that is looking to target their advertising campaign to a certain audience.

I speak to a lot of people that have failed with Facebook advertising and immediately blame the platform. But, Facebook has well over 2 billion active users per month and advertising revenue that grows rapidly so a lot of these people who blame Facebook, should review their failed ad campaign and ask themselves if they took the time and had the skills necessary to create the perfect ad. Did they truly understand their target audience, create and place their and effectively? I’m here to provide you with some top tips to create the perfect Facebook ad and ensure that your next campaign is successful and most importantly, makes you some money!

Facebook Targeting

When you are promoting and selling a service or product online, you can be tempted to write in a way that covers every particular market that may be interested in an attempt to maximise your reach. For a fruitful campaign though, you must hone in on one person and focus solely on that person as if it were a one-on-one sales pitch. This person is your target and the one that you need to convert. Your website is the place where your content can appeal to multiple markets, however, with Facebook targeting you can now narrow down your audience and target an individual, for example, a woman who is over 25, who lives in Valencia and has an interest in Business and Seo. Once you have done that, it is then time to write a targeted ad that will appeal and engage with your specified audience.

Top Tip

Make sure your images adhere to Facebook’s specifications. This will mean a quick a speedy review from Facebook when your ad is complete and ensure that it is live as soon as possible!

Multiple Ads For Different People

This runs in tandem with Facebook targeting. No more blanket ads, they’re lazy. You may be an organisation that offers many different services but each different individual may only be interested in one of them. Take us at Chrisp Design, we are experts in multiple services like SeoWeb DesignSocial MediaLead Generation and Graphic Design, and we will have potential customers that are only interested in say, Seo. So, why would we waste space on an advert and show them information about our other services? We need to optimise our ads and talk to this potential customer about Seo only and then create more ads that target consumers that are interested in our other services.

Offer Value And Keep It Short

This is where a lot of people go wrong. They pay for an ad and think that to get as much value as possible out of it that they have to bombard their audience with as much information as possible. But, consumers don’t have the time to sit and read essays online to get to know your business. Keep your ad content short and lead with value. How will your product or service help someone? What will a customer gain from using your business? These are the key areas to focus on when creating your content and you have to make sure you get these points across quickly and concisely.

What Appeals To You?

You are a target audience for somebody and have adverts aimed at your interests and online habits every day but what Facebook ads appeal to you? Take the time to look through your Facebook feed in the eyes of the consumer. What ads catch your eye? What are the scroll stoppers? What makes you click? This is a great way to keep up to date with every new function that Facebook allows and ensure that your ads are utilising the most beneficial techniques. Brainstorm with your team, have they come across something new when scrolling through their own Facebook that could be perfect for your next campaign?

Test, Tweak And Test Again!

This is maybe the most time-consuming part of Facebook advertising but is definitely the most beneficial when it comes to converting those clicks into customers. Facebook offers a great service where you can try smaller amounts of money to test the best way for you to advertise. This gives you the option to run different ads whereby you can use the same image/video but different types of copy so you can see which resonates most with your audience. You can also run different campaigns. For example, the same ad but with different goals. You can have one aimed at directing messages to your inbox and one at creating leads. You can run these campaigns side by side to determine which techniques make you the most money and then decide as a business to focus your budget on the most successful one.

Facebook advertising doesn’t have to be rocket science but you do have to devote the time and carry out the research required if you want your advertising campaign to skyrocket your sales. Our Social Media team at Chrisp Design are always happy to offer value, support and have the knowledge required to help ensure ROI on your advertising budgets as we head into 2020.