Estate Agency Marketing.

Market your Estate Agency!

CHRISP DESIGN want to help local Estate Agencies up your marketing game, guiding you to crush your competition. Here are the top 5 techniques to help your Property / Estate Agency generating more Property SalesVilla Rentals and clients on your books.

1. Centralise and Grow Your Email List

With a robust contact list, you can take the information anywhere and plug it in. Looking to find all your connections on Twitter or LinkedIn? Upload your contact list. Want to run an ad to your clients? Create a target audience on Facebook. Start a process now where you keep all your new contacts in a single location. Whether this is your email account, phone or a basic spreadsheet, pick a path and stick to it. Then take the time to get your past clients into this system too. Clean, centralised data on your clients and prospects is one key to marketing longevity.

2. Website Lead Capture Forms

Lead generation for an estate agents is a key component to success. With countless search results, links and notifications fighting for your client’s attention, you’ve got to make sure your website is doing its job. One of those jobs is turning website visitors into potential leads by capturing their name, phone number and email address on a form. With this information, you will be able to follow up with said visitor and get a better understanding of what brought them to your site. And why wouldn’t you? If a person is taking the time to visit your page, it’s a safe bet that they’re interested in finding out how your services could benefit them.

3. Ask For More Reviews

Even after hearing a glowing recommendation directly from a person who had a five-star experience with your agency, there’s a good chance a potential client will still search for reviews to see if that five-star rating checks out. You should first make sure that your review pages are claimed and up to date with the information your clients are looking for, including contact information and the services you offer.

4. Get More Email Opens

Looping back to the importance of emails, you want to make sure the messages you send are actually being opened. Otherwise, what’s the point? Best practices for email marketing are highly debated, but there are a few things that we’ve found to work really well for real estate agents. The first thing a homebuyer sees when it comes to your email marketing efforts is the subject line, so get to the point, write like you talk, and add a personal touch whenever you can.

5. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an inexpensive and effective way to grow your audience, get your posts seen more often and increase engagement with the content you’re posting. Facebook designed its ad tools to be easily understandable by users of all experience backgrounds. But most important of all, the ad platform is designed to help you achieve a specific end goal, such as more likes, increased web traffic and downloads.