Social Media

Outsourcing Social Media.

Why outsource?

If you run a business of any size, you simply don’t have time to manage all those Social Media Networks yourself. In fact, it’s likely you don’t even have time to manage even one channel. It takes several hours a month to capably handle a single Social Media Platform. So, should you try manage it yourself? Or should you outsource?

We would like to share a few reasons why you should outsource Social Media Management rather than do it yourself.

#1 Knowledge

If you want to meet your Social Media goals and objectives, then you will need to employ someone who has a wealth of experience in the online marketing.  They will need to invest time each day into the learning process, not just the “doing”. It is amazing how much you will miss if you do not keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

#2 Process

An agency will have proven strategies and procedures that work. An experienced consultant will know how many posts to send at optimised times, the best practice for the different platforms, and the best places to find content.  They also have the flexibility to change strategies and processes as and when needed.

#3 Consistency

Outsourcing your social media means that the job gets done, no matter what!  If your account manager is sick or on holiday, then the agency will brief an alternative account manager to look after your account. This process should be seamless and you will not even notice the difference.  We all know that the key to success online comes down to consistency.

#4 Cost

If you do decide to outsource Social Media management, not only are you guaranteed a professional who knows the ins and outs of Social Media it also enables you to get on with your role within the business.

#5 Content

When you have a presence on social media, you make it easier for your customers to find and connect with you. And by connecting with your customers on social, you’re more likely to increase customer retention and brand loyalty.