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Breaking Down The Basics  Of Local SEO.

Local SEO: Ranking You Number 1 In Your Area

Why is Local SEO and finding the best Local SEO services now vital for any business, small or large? Competition for customers is at an all time high and that goes for everyone. Whether you’re based in a big City or if you’re the local town Coffee Shop owner, One factor remains the same, customers will more often than not look for your service through search engines. Local SEO assists businesses and helps them to promote their services and products to potential prospects in the local area.

Local SEO aims to optimise your online presence and cater to local target searches from potential customers. This essentially means that these searches are being made by customers looking to purchase a service or product that is located nearby. For example, someone may search for ‘SEO Valencia’. If you are based in Valencia and offer an SEO service, by following our guide below you will certainly see an increase in traffic to your website.

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    Key topics for Local Seo.

    1.Google My Business

    There are many different search engines that people use when trying to locate something online but Google has over 80% of that market share. So, that means that Google is still the top of the list for the majority of people when it comes to search engines and 46% of searches on Google are locally themed.

    ‘Google My Business’ is a listing for your company that will appear in search results online. Google is more likely to vouch for you and will feel a lot more comfortable promoting you if it can verify that your business is authentic. Google my Business is their tool for doing so.

    First things first, if you haven’t already, you will need to create and verify a Google Business page. This page will include all the useful information that a potential customer will need, your contact information, address, photos, opening hours, etc. Your listing will also encourage people to leave reviews and you should encourage them too. Reviews help build trust in your brand and will mean that you are more likely to be rewarded by Google and be ranked higher when it comes to a local search.


    Keyword research is vital as this helps you to get into the mind of the consumer and enables you to discover what your local customers are searching for. There are many different ways to conduct keyword research and the opportunities are endless, see our SEO page if you need any guidance. Basically, you need to decide on a list of locally assigned search terms that you want your company to appear on the first page of search engines for.

    To go back to my previous example, an SEO business in Valencia may target terms like:

    SEO Valencia
    SEO business in Valencia
    SEO company Valencia
    SEO services in Valencia

    When your list is completed, it is a case of analysing each term and finding out how much traffic they receive and what the competition is like. From this in depth analysis, you can decide which keywords are most beneficial to target first. It is good practice to analyse keywords across 3 or 4 different types of software, however this can get expensive. It is still possible to search for keyword terms on websites like Ubersuggest but, you they have a daily limit

    3. Website

    Now that you have the ideal local customers finding your services online, it is essential that your website caters for their every need. Below are 4 factors to consider when tailoring your website to target local SEO

    Local Content: Appeal to who is searching. Writing about general content that will appeal to a wider audience may generate more traffic but this traffic will not be as effective when it comes to readers making a purchase. Make yourself the local authority for your industry by focusing on informing the public on local and industry news as well as educational content through Blogs.

    Location pages: This is the ‘go to’ page for consumers that want to know where to find you. Make sure it has all the information needed to make you as easily accessible as possible. This page is also a great place to put anything unique about your place of work. Whether it be a particular place to park or some glowing reviews from recent customers. For extra bonus points from search engines, this is a prime place to include an interactive map of your location. See SEO Halifax for an example of a Location Page.

    Content: Every new piece of content on your website is another opportunity for you to be recognised in search engine results pages. It is essential that you optimise this content by ensuring that your high volume keywords are placed in your URL, header, title, and body. Within this content be extremely careful to not duplicate from other pages of your site.

    Mobile Friendly: Without a doubt, local search is growing. Since 2015 mobile searches for ‘where to buy’ have rocketed 85% and this will only continue to increase as more and more people become accustomed to Smartphones. With this in mind. you need to make sure the mobile version of your website is user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

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    4 .Consistent NAP (name, address and phone)

    Simple yet paramount yet first on the list for many businesses using Local SEO services. It has to be easy for people to find and contact you. The best way to ensure this is having your contact information, address and phone number clearly located in your header and/or footer of your website. Remember, it has to be easy for search engines to find you too so include your NAP in the crawlable HTML text on your site as well.

    When your NAP details are consistent with those you have elsewhere in local directories, search engines will be aware that both your website and directory listings are referring to your company and you will then be rewarded by appearing in online local searches. It is vital that you keep this information updated not only on your website but wherever else that you have an online presence.

    Local SEO

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    There's More To Local SEO!

    There are so many more elements in creating the perfect Local SEO campaign and it is not easy to juggle all of the pieces. In this article, we have given you the basics that every campaign has to get spot on from the beginning if you want your Local SEO campaign to be a success and crush your competition. At chrispdesign.com our expert SEO team provide you with elite Local SEO services and work work with you to create and execute the perfect strategy. We and make sure that each factor is being carried out perfectly, leaving your business first in line with your local audience.


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