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Struggling to find an SEO agency that can offer you guaranteed results? We are that confident in our SEO Denia strategy that we are offering to get your website ranked on page 1 of Google within 180 days! Or we work for free.* It’s essential for your website to rank on the first page of Google if you are serious about obtaining your share of sales through online traffic. Studies have shown that 75% of clicks now belong to websites that belong on page number 1, with 33% of traffic share received by the website ranked in position number 1. An expert Seo strategy keeps you ahead of your competition and skyrockets your sales by delivering your business that 33% of extra simple as that!

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    ....'Seo Denia'?

    Search engine optimisation is a way for your business to increase leads through your website traffic by outranking your competition on Google. Your website design needs to be optimised to appeal to not only the consumer but to appear attractive to search engines as well. Seo is a detailed and thorough process that ensures your website ranks at the top of search engines for relevant keywords, leaving you the first port of call for itching to buy customers looking for your products. No corner can be cut and no stone can be left unturned, when done right, a high-quality Seo campaign can lead to extremely fruitful ROI.


    We are a performance and ROI focused SEO agency. We can send you all of the statistics in the world but the most important statistic of all is that your sales figures are increasing. Our team has been carefully selected to offer you specialists who enjoy outranking even the most difficult competition. We know what it takes to rank you at the top and we know how to get you there. No messing; just hard work, proven strategy and then watch the clients roll in. Our team is obsessed with Seo and the results it can provide for any business, small or large. We take pride in keeping you ahead of the curve and with Google’s algorithms constantly updating and changing, it is our job to look after you and keep your campaign relevant and built for longevity.

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    "Why would you not want your brand to be seen first when your product or service is searched for online?"

    – Vincent Glover, Marketing Strategist

    seo denia number 1 serp

    How We Do It.

    1.Research And Strategy Development

    We assess your website and conduct a thorough 100 point SEO checklist that analyses both your onsite content and offsite profile. Next, we rank your websites performance against your toughest competition which allows us to see what we need to beat! We then analyse your market and discover exactly what your target audience is searching for. By pulling apart your market and competition we can select specifically chosen niche ‘keywords’ (with our industry-standard software) that we know will generate you the greatest return in the fastest time!

    2. Execution

    With the results from the R&D stage we then implement the best onpage content in your market. You want to avoid a high bounce rates and the best way to do that is to give the reader what they are looking for! We have an extremely in-depth checklist; which ranges from ‘Word Count’, ‘Heading Tags’, ‘Alt Tags’ to ‘Video’ and ‘Infographic Creation’ that are relevant and keyword focused to ensure your page is fully optimised. The final piece of the puzzle is our in-depth ‘Backlinking Process’ where we develop and nurture high-quality associations in a variety of media; such as Google Approved News Sites, Pr Blogs and Citations. Backlink profiles are an essential part of SEO as search engines; especially Google, will give higher rankings to websites that have a good number of quality and organic backlinks.

    3. Revaluation And Reporting

    With our weekly scheduled ranking reports sent directly to your inbox and an open house policy with our analytics software, you know how well your campaign is performing at every stage. Furthermore, we believe we get the best results when we work together and with full transparency. So we wrap it all up with a communication tool where we can all view the status of the project, discuss options, review checklists, view project calendar and share content with each other in one central hub. As an added extra we also implement time tracking software at every stage of the campaign. This software provides client access to view screenshots and screen recordings of every minute that we have spent on each task, giving you peace of mind and total clarity in the work that is being completed.

    How to rank your Business?

    Our Case Study

    Key Topic Areas >

    Snack Pack

    Keyword Research

    On-Page Content

    Off-Site Content

    The Blueprint

    Let’s break down the basics for you! You’ve got a business in Denia, but your competitors are getting more customers than you and you don’t know why? The answer is SEO! Below we will show you our top tips to ranking in Denia and also use ourselves as a case study to rank our business in Denia.

    1.Google Snack Pack

    Local Seo is when someone within a 5km radius of Denia searches for the products/services you sell; i.e. ‘seo denia’ as a keyword expression for us, and your business appears in the Snack Pack or on the SERPs results as a result of your website being appealing to google for that search.

    The First Step is to rank your business in the Snack Pack on Google. As it is such a vital part of the local ranking strategy we decided to write a super in-depth article here on Local SEO. Please use both these pages in your campaign when looking to rank your website in Denia. Next is a super vital process of researching and choosing the best keywords for you!

    seo denia google snack pack

    Only Seo Denia?

    Keyword Research.

    Now we will take you through our ‘Keyword Research’ and explain how and why we select our final keyword terms to target. It’s all about Niche, ranking for lower competition keywords with the most volume of searches in total!

    2. Seo Denia or Seo en Denia

    We will research our audience and determine exactly what our target market is searching for, this is achieved by analysing monthly search volumes and seo difficulty ratings of keywords. We will then be able to choose our niche and will aim to rank for the most effective keyword term. We will be using analysing software such as SEM Rush, Ahrefs etc but bear in mind that these tools do incur a monthly cost. However, Ubersuggest is a great free tool to use as well if you do not have the budget at the moment.

    2.1 Primary Keywords: Low Search Volume for ‘seo denia’

    A primary keyword, as the name suggests, is a keyword that is used before any other keywords on a web page or in an article. Therefore, the primary keyword is the most important keyword on a web page. How do you determine the best primary keyword for your business and niche as there could be a variety of keyword terms to choose from? The answer to that is in the research. As you will see from the images below, one thing that became apparent when conducting our research is that ‘seo denia’ has a very low search volume. You may think, ‘great, easy to rank for’ but that isn’t the case as this often means that the competition will be harder, as you can see by the SD (search difficulty) rating of 31 out of 100.

    2.2 Keyword Overview based around seo denia

    Another thing to note is that our research failed to provide other keyword idea terms, which is due to the niche and low search volume for the area. The only ideas suggested were that of a local restaurant with similar spelling! A lovely place to eat by the way. To continue our research we looked at the current top ten ranking websites on Google for the keyword term ‘seo denia’. We then analysed their websites to discover the types of keywords that they were choosing to rank for. This research resulted in terms like ‘agencia seo denia’ and ‘seo en denia’. From the screenshots below you will see that yes these keyword terms are easy to rank for but that have 0 monthly search volume.

    2.3 ‘Agencia seo denia’ and ‘seo en Denia’ research

    seo denia keyword research
    agencia seo denia keyword research

    Taking all of this into consideration, we will choose to focus mainly on ‘seo denia’ as our primary keyword. Normally, we would avoid primary keywords such as ‘seo denia’ as they do not read well within the content. However, with this page being English, ‘seo denia’ allows us to rank for both English and Spanish searches. When it comes to creating our Spanish page, it will be a lot easier to start ranking for the Spanish keyword terms as well.

    2.4 Secondary Keywords: Time to focus on only seo denia?

    Depending on how fruitful your keyword research has been, you may decide to select some secondary keyword terms. These secondary keywords will aim to play a supporting role to the primary keyword that you have selected and should have low ranking difficulty but a relatively juicy search volume as well. However, in our situation, we have chosen to focus solely on one primary keyword in the beginning. This is because of the low search volume surrounding seo in Denia.

    56% of companies plan to increase their marketing budget this year! DONT BE LEFT BEHIND


    Details on your pages.

    On-Page Content.

    Now we have selected our primary keyword to focus on, it is time to start optimising and organising the on-page content. This page will be dedicated to rank specifically in Denia. Gone are the days of websites simply stuffing their content with selected keywords to the point that they were barely readable. Your page should always offer value to the reader, be unique, interactive and plan to use informative videos and imagery.

    3. On Page Content: Why is it important?

    One key factor that will harm your seo rankings is a high bounce rate. We always aim to provide high quality content for our readers, the more value they gain from our page then the more time they are likely to spend on it instead of bouncing! The on-page checklist that we have created is extremely in-depth and ensures that our page is optimised in all areas. It would be impossible to take your through the whole list but we will explain some key points below.

    3.1 Essential Steps: Primary and Secondary Keywords

    Primary keywords should be included in at least one of your H1 tags and one H2 tag. The main reason for this is that it will be easier for web crawlers to quickly determine the aim and relevance of your page.

    Our main challenge here will be including our primary keyword and ensuring that it is always readable. By selecting the search term ‘seo denia’, it may be hard to include in the on-page content whilst also remaining grammatically correct. A confused reader is a bounced reader and sometimes you have to think outside the box and be creative when including a keyword. By using ourselves as a case study, it gives us the ability to include our keyword naturally. To optimise your page, you will need some coding knowledge and below we will show you some areas to focus on.

    Our primary keyword has to be included in the content at least 3 times. On a positive note, by selecting ‘seo denia’, we eliminate language problem. ‘seo denia’ is searched the same by both English and Spanish speaking consumers and we will be targeting the English speaking consumers based in Denia.

    3.2 Images: don’t forget the alt tags!

    Images are scroll stoppers. The last thing that we want is for consumers to simply scroll from the top of the page to the bottom and leave, we want them to gain valuable information in the process and images are key to this. Use a mixture of aesthetically pleasing images but also informative ones too. It is important to websafe all images in photoshop, this reduces the size of the image and optimises the page to allow a rapid loading speed. Fast loading speed isn’t only important for the customer experience but your Seo ranking as well. Our images also include descriptive Alt tags that explain the image clearly so that Google robots can crawl effectively.

    3.2 Yoast: Seo Power Plugin

    We use the Yoast SEO plugin with all of our clients and ourselves so we also recommend that you have it installed too. The plugin will analyse your content and rate it from Red (improvement needed), Amber (not far off) and Green (perfect). The plugin is a good guide to follow and will help maximise your seo potential. However, don’t get too bogged down by trying to achieve green results for every section as it is not the be-all and end-all of the success of your page, it is just another effective guide to follow. Yoast will continuously appraise your content and suggest where it can be improved. For example, the plugin will inform you of whether you have used a keyboard properly or not. As we said, we use Yoast mainly for reference but we will always aim to achieve green ratings in all areas where possible.

    What you can do off your website

    4. Off-Site Content

    Now that our page is optimised and ready for ranking, it is time for another crucial part of the campaign, building the off-site profile. This begins with a detailed backlinking drive and our top 10 competitor research. Both will run side by side in tandem and are processes that once started, will be continuously monitored and updated.

    4.1. Backlink Profile

    The backlink profile of your page is fundamental for any seo campaign as all search engines, most importantly Google, with rank websites with the highest number of high quality and organic backlinks nearer the top. We have written a detailed article on backlinks and their importance to seo here. The more backlinks we can get, the more ‘juice’ Google will send our way. In the image below, you will see an example of a backlink that we have attained for our SSL blog from a high DA (domain authority) website. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not perfect but it is a start. Ideally, the anchor text would be one of our selected primary or secondary keywords which would then link through to the specific URL of the webpage that we are intending to rank. To research your backlink profile in detail, you will need to use paid software such as Ahrefs.

    seo denia ssl example

    4.2 Competitor Research: seo denia

    From the word ‘go’ we aim for the top. For every keyword that you are looking to target, you should conduct detailed research on your current competition. On the image to the left, you will see the current top ten rankings for the keyword term ‘seo denia’. This research starts with us analysing each page from the top ten’s on-page content. We will strive to have a higher word count, more ‘calls to action’, more videos, more images etc. Currently, the website with the highest word count in the top ten has just over 900 words so that means that we want 2000, if they have 4 images that are informative and with the relevant Alt tags then we want 10 and so on. We will strive for this page to be the best in Google’s eyes and the eyes of the consumer. We will find the top result for each factor in the top ten and smash it out of the park, and that includes their backlinks! Our software aids us by allowing us to research not only our backlinks but the backlink profiles of our competition too. Referring domains are the golden ticket and that is what we want, this is where one webpage links through to another page with confidence. The image above will show you that there are only 16 referring domains spread across the whole top 10 results for ‘seo denia’. If they have them, then we want them. Not all of these links will be ‘dofollow’ links either but we are confident in building a profile that will comfortably be ahead of the current top ten. This process never ends and takes time but even once ahead, there is no time to sit back. If our competitors add to their backlink profile then our research will inform and we will add to ours too!

    seo denia competitor research case study

    4.3 Timescale: Can Google Search Console hurry the process?

    Just like seo in general, off-site backlinking will rarely appear overnight. You may be able to see the link but Google may not have recognised it yet. Local SEO may take anywhere from 6-12 months before you start to see any results for the hard work and dedication that you have put in. However, whenever you make a change to the web page that you are ranking for, that you give Google a nudge and ask it to crawl the page again. This can be done by registering to Google Search console and adding the selected URL to the inspection section.

    seo denia google search console

    That was quick

    5. We did it #1 in Denia

    1st April 2020 So…. we did it. In less than a month, with a brand new website, we outranked every competitor in Google. This means our business will now attain 33% of all traffic that is directed to the first page.

    seo denia google rank one

    Frequently Asked Quetions.

    It will depend on your niche and the difficulty of the selected keywords. Analysing the difficulty and viability of the keywords is essential to study your competition. It will also depend on where you want to rank and in what languages. We expect to see results for Local Seo campaigns from between 6-12 months and for Organic Seo 12 months +.

    When you start the SEO campaign with us, we want to know what your goals are and what keywords interest you. However, our experts will carry out the necessary studies to always find the best keywords to fulfill your objective. They will determine in detail how to reach all those potential clients who are looking for you and cannot find you and give them what they need. We help you focus your business both locally or organically so that you generate the maximum possible profit with your budget.

    The strategy varies depending on the business and the competitors. In any case, all businesses have something in common: High quality information, updated and unique content, relevant titles (also meta-tags), optimisation of images and video, and their alt tags, web loading speed and the creation of reverse links ( backlinks) from relevant and powerful websites.

    Who better than an expert in your business to write content? However, if you don’t have the necessary content, We have a team of specialists who will study your brand and create optimal content for both your clients and search engines. 

    *To satisfy our criteria needed to get guaranteed results, the start date begins once; contract is signed for 12 month term and all content/access needed has been provided within 14 days. Offer is invalid if any changes/circumstances have occurred to your website (internal website changes, website downtime etc), that could directly affect our results timeline. We offer to work free of charge after the initial 180 days has lapsed, until said website is ranked on page 1 of Google for a minimum of 30% of “Our” recommended/implemented/tracked keywords or the contract term ends.

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