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What I Think About Social Media for Businesses

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From the beginning of civilisation, new forms of communication have had a significant impact on people’s way of life. Of course, when they first appear, the impact and the effect of said innovations are poorly understood.

Social Media has come a long way in the last 20 years. But people still find Social Media confusing, maybe even scary, but social media can be an amazing asset when understood, for personal use or otherwise.

For businesses, Social Media is an amazing opportunity. Top quality Social Media content can bring outstanding success to your business. Take a minute to assimilate this: Social Media is used by nearly half the world’s population. Absolutely incredible. And so many of these people are using Social Media to engage with brands, local and worldwide. I can’t stress this enough. Social Media is THE best thing you can invest in when it comes to your business.

Here are some quick-fire statistics from some of the most popular Social Media networks for businesses:


Although there are 1.3 billion Twitter accounts out there, 500 million people a month visit Twitter without logging in.


Of the social networks, only Facebook and YouTube have more people logging in. And of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users, more than 500 million of them use the platform every day.


Facebook adds 500,000 new users a day, that’s six new profiles a second. There are 60 million active small business pages (up from 40 million in 2015).

When I find a brand, I usually discover it on Instagram and I’m not the only one. Studies show that 60% of Instagram users say they discover new brands and products on the platform. So don’t think that people only connect with brands they already know.

So, now you know that your potential clients are already interacting with other brands, you’re going to use Social Media to its fullest potential, right? No? What are you waiting for? Still not sure? Well, I know, mastering content strategy, creation, and distribution for your brand on Social Media is a difficult and long process. Social Media promotions and campaigns, content creation, Social Media monitoring, Social Media engagement, Social selling, lead generation… Blah blah blah… it’s all very time consuming, and pretty confusing. So, what do you do? Do you just forget about Social Media and focus on old marketing strategies? You could do that… But my question to you is: Do you want your business to live in the past, or the future?

One option that’s worth considering is finding an expert. An expert in Social Media to do all the hard, time-consuming work for you while you focus on the things you do best, whether it’s running an estate agent, an insurance company, an investment firm or even a cafeteria. Here at Chrisp Design we pride ourselves on providing your business with just that, giving you the chance to dedicate extra time to your amazing business.