Paid Ads

Banner ads tracking: Google URL builder.

So let’s keep this KISS


Q: A client has asked to track and create a banner add on their affiliates website?

A: Google URL Builder has the answer!

Step 1: Head over to and we can create the link for your ad.

Enter the link you want to use to take visitors to your website. (in our case lets use

Step 2: Add the Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Name.

Campaign Source: This tells Google where traffic is coming from: Website Domain or Email.
Campaign Medium: This tells Google what kind of source it’s coming from: Email campaign / Banner / Social Media Campaign etc.
Campaign Name: This section describes your campaign. (call it something you’ll remember and easy to distinguish from other campaign names)

Step 3: Below you will find the option to shrink the URL and copy it.

Then you can place this code anywhere you want in your campaign: in a Banner, on an open button, or simply a click here link.

Google Analytics

Ok so the hard part is done, wheres my results in Google Analytics: Ads Tracking.

Head over to your analytics, if you haven’t already done so please register!

Simply click on Acquisition > Campaigns > And at the very bottom you will see you individual campaign names.

Here you can see how many visits you’ve had, how long each stayed on your website, how many pages they visit and things such as the bounce rate. Check out our SEO too if you want to turn clicks into clients

Give it a go, if you get stuck, hit us up.

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